The building is distinguished by its prime location in the center of Deir Ghbar area, featuring modern interior and exterior designs, providing an ideal space.

Engineers used curtain walls and isolated glass to bring natural light into the apartments and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, the building has a skylight, enhancing the aesthetic appearance.

The building is considered a pioneering example of modern and sustainable design that meets the needs of its residents.


Our location in Deir Ghbar features two modern-designed buildings. The modern facades are characterized by first-class Alsamaha stone and special double-glazed glass facades (curtain walls), showcasing luxury and elegance. Each building offers excellent services. The first building includes a gas boiler and central air conditioning for the salon, living room, and kitchen. The second building includes a gas boiler that provides higher efficiency for some residents, as well as a separate air conditioning unit known for easy installation. Spaces: The project consists of two residential buildings (1+2). Building 1: The building consists of a ground floor with an internal area 300 square meters and external area of 300 square meters. on the other side apartment, 330 square meters as an internal area and 400 square meters as external area. The upper floors have an area of 300 -330 square meters and the last floor is duplex. Building 2: Each floor consists of 3 apartments. One apartment has an internal area of 110 square meters, The second apartment has an internal area of 130 square meters , along with an area of 150 square meters. For the last floor of 130 and 150 square meters apartments have a rooftop with 40 square meters.





With easy access to all major areas of Amman, the project is strategically located near schools, pharmacies and mosques.

LARGE Balconies




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