Hamdan center

Hamdan Commercial Complex is located in the heart of Amman, Jordan, consisting of 8 floors, with each floor containing 6 spacious offices, providing ample space for a variety of companies. The architects added a central lobby in the design to provide natural lighting throughout the building, creating a comfortable and attractive work environment. Hamdan Complex stands out with its modern design and great attention to detail, making it the epitome of contemporary architecture and a testament to the beauty and functionality that can be achieved through thoughtful design. The complex received recognition from the Greater Amman Municipality for the most beautiful complex in terms of exterior and interior design in Jordan.

The available spaces in the project range from 56 square meters to 300 square meters, including multiple floors for commercial offices and medical clinics.


Modern design facades with ruwaished stone and curtain walls.

Special section for windows with double glass.

Luxurious entrance.

LED lighting.


Panoramic elevators.

Dancing fountain.




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