Rujm Amish

Rujm Amish project is one of the most unique residential building located in one of the finest locations in the Jordanian Capital, Amman. Our designers and engineers have created a modern and elegant exterior design from the outside. Inside the project, every single apartment, The design features a unique and distinguished masterpiece with meticulous attention to development and luxury. Rujm Amish is a true testament to contemporary architectural engineering, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on both residents and visitors.

The project consists of two residential buildings (1+2).
Building 1: The ground floor consists of a 190 square meter space with an external garden of 180 square meters. The upper floors have a total area of 190 square meters each, with the third floor also featuring a 190 square meter space and a 40 square meter rooftop.

Building 2: The ground floor comprises 3 apartments, including a 150 square meter apartment with a 110 square meter external garden and a private garage, a 130 square meter apartment with a 100 square meter external garden, and a 110 square meter apartment with a 100 square meter garden. The sizes vary on the upper floors, ranging from 110 square meters to 130 square meters and 150 square meters. The third floor consists of a 150 square meter space with a 40 square meter rooftop and a 130 square meter space with a 40 square meter rooftop.


The building is characterized by a unique design that includes the use of Spanish porcelain for floors and walls. The facades stand out with modern designs using first-class Ruwaished stone and special double-glazed glass facades (curtain walls). The apartments feature radiators powered by a gas boiler, complete apartment wiring for air conditioning points, and copper piping.

Modern design facades made of first-class Ruweish stone

First class Spanish porcelain.

Special section with double glazing (curtain Wall)

Gas boiler.

Water tanks, storage room, and garage for each apartment




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